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Dec 27, 2017

On creative professionals

What is it with recent 'creative professionals' telling millenials to stop working so hard?

Not in so many words, of course, but there seems to be a trend towards a sort of ambiguous forgiveness of exertion. I'm talking about the older millenials and younger whatever-generation-comes-before-millenials-gen-Y-maybes, doing very well in their lives--those who started out as creatives but now are the creatives' boss at a modest company of which they're not the leader; or else those who succeed at making others think they're ditto, but actually make a living out of offering ambiguous forgiveness of exertion on the Internet.

Those people.

It seems like a natural reaction to the modern millenial plight: overworked, underpaid, chronically anxious, self-esteem in a puddle on the floor. Killing everything. We overwork ourselves because it's understood that in this economy, the currency of our effort is in a massive period of inflation. One hour of work used to be able to buy you groceries, but now it'll barely afford you a Bazooka Joe from the corner store.

This isn't a wages issue--although that's an issue too. It's a work issue. We're not being told to relax for our wellbeing, or for our health. We're being told to relax so that we can produce more work, more efficiently.

The problem is that while we're getting this sort of 'stop working so hard' forgiveness talk from our older siblings, our parents are busy telling us that we're not working hard enough. Just ask the legions of young adults scrolling through jobs that demand experience, scrolling through opportunities for experience that demand you already have a job. Legions working as interns for nothing at all. Being paid in 'real-world work experience.'

How have millenials wound up stuck between needing a break and needing to take fewer breaks, with the only real available option being to just climb back into bed? Gen X wants our physical toil, and Gen Y wants our emotional. I'm just waiting for the day that the Greatest Generation or whatever climb up out of their graves and come after our immortal souls.