1 May

Testing out being lefthanded today. The wrist isn't getting any better from the work party two weekends ago, now. I mean it *is* getting better, but it still feels bad. The pain has mostly been replaced by a creaking in my tendons. Sam sent me to the Wikipedia page for crepitus, which is what it's called. "Crepitus of tenysynovitis."

It's May now and I still haven't put enough of Mountains of Hokkaido together to actually get it online. I keep wondering if there's some way that I can just grab the data wholesale from the PDFs and move it into the database. I can't think of any way to do that. Especially since I went through several distinct stylistic phases with the PDFs. The parser, whatever it would be, wouldn't be able to parse them correctly.

Learning computer has taught me the value of standardisation.

Back at the gym this morning, though, for the first time in like a week. It was alright on the wrist but I had to re-wrap it afterwards, in the locker room, sweaty.

Sam pointed out the other day Americans tend to take every change in subject as an opportunity to talk about themselves. I think I have this problem. At the work party at Lingy Hut I did a lot of this. And at work, too, I tend to do this. I tend to start sentences with, "Yeah, I..." or "When I..." or something similar. Gotta work on not doing that anymore.



16 May

What responsibilities do developers have to their users?


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