Hey there! My name's

Charles Harries

I'm a developer working on the web in the North East of England.

I write software with PHP and JavaScript for Komodo Digital. Previously I worked at Creator in Castle Eden. After hours I write a bit of Go, watch more movies than I ought to, and read less than I should.

latest from the blog

  • How PGP encryption works2021-08-21

    I can never remember quite how PGP encrpytion works (mostly because I never use it), so I'm writing it down here to refer back to when someone starts talking wonky crypto stuff at me.

  • Expressing/identifying2021-08-09

    A cohesive unified theory on the purpose of art rendered incoherent by being like really tired of a lot of things.

  • Burnout & balance2021-08-01

    Thoughts on being burnt out and what I need to do to combat it, namely: invest more time in hobbies, decouple my personal value from my work value.