April 12

That smell in the woods of mud, water, and evergreen, sort of piney and sort of fruity.

A western red cedar has needles (if you can call them that) that release a pineapple smell when rubbed in the hand.

The grasses at Armadale castle are very, very green.

A glen with two low rising walls in it. An art piece by a Skye-based artist.

Scrolling through the App Store on my phone in a moment of idleness. Click into the Medium app for basically no reason.

Read the lorem they’ve got in the background on the app images, which appears to be some story about getting eggs.

And then, in another frame, what appears to be an excerpt about motivation and doing hard things, maybe? (Of note: they use the word ‘shit’ in the same excerpt, which seems like a pretty low-stakes way to curry edge with Medium-reading parties.)

Both excerpts are written from a sort of very competent first-person perspective. The writer gives off a very competent vibe. E.g.:

How do you know you’re on the right track? What if you picked the wrong part to focus on first, and it steers you off course?

These questions are all excuses, of course.

The kind of person that hands down advice.

I don’t write like that. I don’t feel like I’ve got the right to give advice to anyone. Maybe it’s because everyone that I read is smarter than I am. Maybe I have a feeble constitution and I can’t be trusted to take a serious stance on just about anything.

Maybe this sort of musing is evidence thereof.

¯\(ツ)/¯ idk lol



13 April

Reading, a short walk, a steak and ale pie for dinner.


April 11

Climbing a couple of sgurr outside of Arisaig