Belgian beer, French cheese

We traveled to northern France for a little less than a week of touring by motorhome (or camping-car, as it's called over there). We saw plenty of the countryside, but more importantly: we drank a lot of beer, and ate a lot of cheese.

This is what I thought of it.


When you go to Belgium, you drink Belgian beer. It's almost offensive to see Heineken and Desperados on the shelf. Best drunk out of a fancy glass with gold leaf on the rim.


The tragedy of trying to eat as many cheeses as you can is that cheesemongers always assume you'll be sharing with between four and six other people. Which makes it very hard to go through enough cheese to get a representative sample of what's available. To get this far, we ate multiple meals of just cheese and bread.

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Some photos from France

In the grand tradition of sharing photos from your recent trip to France, here are some photos from our recent trip to France.



Visiting the Canadian National Vimy Memorial and spending a lot of time staring into big craters.