Flavour of the Now: hot honey

Back in 2016 I made a note of some short-lived Flavour Trends that I'd noticed in convenience stores across Japan: every couple of months, all of the different brands would agree on a certain flavour, and start producing snacks in that flavour. Mostly it was candies, and mostly it was fruit flavours. (I ate a lot of fruit-flavoured candies back then—whereas the candies that I eat today are mostly colour-flavoured than fruit-flavoured, e.g. this is a red-flavoured candy).

Anyway, I've noticed it happening again, this time in Britain: the Flavour of the Now is: hot honey.

Okay two items does not make a trend—but I also had a hot-honey themed burger at Fat Hippo in Durham the other night. It was good but didn't really taste that much like honey and wasn't particularly hot. I did not take a picture of it because I'm Not That Kind of Person 😌



Bibō no aozora

The song defining the first third of my 2024. Uh chyeah you know I like the less popular version of it.


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