Poor Charlie's Almanack

I don't care particularly about Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger: I don't think that I care about money enough. Does this make me naïve? At any rate I like what Stripe, who has published the latest edition of Poor Charlie's Almanack, has done with the website. They don't call it an ebook, and it doesn't come in a downloadable .epub file or anything—but it's an ebook.

John Gruber's right about the sorry state of ebooks. I don't mind reading books on my Kindle, but the certain quality to physical books that makes them really memorable, to me, is missing when I read digitally. I like reading on my Kindle, but it doesn't move me the way a real book does.

I wish that there was a platform, an opportunity, for books to be published like this: with attention to typography, with pictures and hyperlinks. I wish I cared about Charlie Munger and I wish I cared to read this silly book, because I want to spend more time with multimedia reading experiences like this. These feel like worthier alternatives to paper & glue than the spartan XML documents we got.

(Requisite complaint about how it spins my computer CPU up. I liked it better when Gruber was taking potshots at web developers.)

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