Here is something that no one told me about buying stuff and finding out that it doesn't work for you: you can just change it.

For instance: I bought a new wristband for my fitness tracking watch the other day. On arrival I discovered that it was far too big for my skinny software developer wrists. A disappointment, but the wristband was only like £4.

Not so fast—given the negligible cost of the offending wristband, and given the availability of sewing kit and sharp scissors in our house, I decided to have a go splicing out 3 cm or so of wristband from the middle, then stitching the two ends back together. And it worked! It's not a particularly attractive seam, but it holds well and doesn't seem to irritate my wrist. Sore fingertips notwithstanding, I'm pretty pleased.

You can just change it.



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