18 April

Been reading a lot of Hacker News lately. Getting very tired of people starting comments with ‘Except...’ or ‘Thing that you’ve commented is orthogonal to thing that the link is about.’

This word, orthogonal, is shorthand for ‘I let my choice of words do the heavy lifting of making myself look smart on the internet,’ which is just the worst. Just say ‘unrelated.’

Dunno what it is about certain perspectives. Sometimes I just get a vantage on something in a way I never do—either by weather or by location or by mood or whatever—and something gets transformed into something else.

It happens with distant clouds pretty often actually. Where the air is clear and the sun shines on the sides of clouds rather than on the tops. And suddenly I can see how big they are. Could just look at that for a good long time.



24 April

Lots to say post Lingy Hut work party


17 April

Bus notes: public swimming pool locker room / poverty & attractiveness / diet soda