24 April

Having some trouble staying committed to writing what's going on in my life. Maybe it's because I feel like there isn't much. Maybe it has to do with how little I do actually go back to the journals I wrote years and years ago. Or with the chagrin I experience when I do.

I mean, it doesn't, but I felt it was worth mentioning here anyway.

Over the weekend, we climbed up to Lingy Hut and did some work up there. Mortaring some stone foundations, mostly to prevent people from jamming garbage under there. Clogging up little drafts. Met JB and JM: old men with remarkably clear outlooks on the world. There's so much I could say about them that I feel sort of hamstrung right now. I couldn't possibly say everything I wanted to say before I lost my train of thought.

Here's a funny little story. John told us about how he discovered the "Cabin Porn" website and neither JB nor DM, who appears to be the managing organizer for the Lakes part of the Mountain Bothy Association, could understand that it didn't actually have to do with pornography, and that '~ porn' is just shorthand for 'pictures of ~ that are really beautiful'. I thought this was very charming.

But do you see what I mean? How long that sentence had to be to wrap itself around everything that needed to be said there:

And the whole of our weekend was full of little instances like that.

I need to come back to this. There's so much more to write.



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18 April

Bus notes: 'orthogonal' / distant clouds