Battery on Arc

Just finished downloading the latest version of Arc and it looks like the issue that caused a background 5% CPU load on my crusty old MacBook has been expunged. In fact, I'm writing this very blog post on Arc, with nary a spun-up fan to be heard.

Arc is nice—and I'm glad that they're trying to do something new with the browser—but I'm not sure whether their take is enough to pull me away from my precious defaults. It's thoughtfully-designed, for sure. But is it thoughtfully-designed enough to make it worth switching to? To make it worth learning how to use a new app look at the internet inside of a rectangle?

Web Design


New seatbelts

Replaced driver's-side seatbelt on Sam's Porsche 924.


AI and the Rise of Mediocrity

Catching up on some reading, TIME is making me think of the vast quantities of plastic currently being sold on wish dot com.