Colour mode

New icon in the header of this site: a little flag, in white or blackā€”or alternately a rainbow. Clicking it toggles colour on the site.

The site cycles through the spectrum throughout the day, from a lovely blue in the mornings to a deep red in the middle of the night. But if you'd like a more conventional colour experience, you can click the little rainbow up in the top right to change the website to black and white (or white and black, depending on if you're using dark mode).

A couple of fun little bits: the colour of the black/white flag depends on whether you're looking at the site in dark mode. And the whole thing relies on using default values for CSS Custom Properties:

:root {
	/* ... */
	--dark: hsl(var(--primary), var(--saturation, 80%), 5%);

Then the --saturation: 0% is added/removed from the <html> element as needed. HSL's pretty clever!



The Idiot



Oppenheimer's a tour de force from a character perspective, but I wish that Nolan had just adapted Rhodes's The Making of the Atomic Bomb instead.