Dailying the Porsche

The Fabia has been in the shop for the better part of a week now, cycling through a series of minutely different ABS modules that have, it turns out, been preventing the nearside front brakes from engaging at all, which explains the extremely disconcerting rightward pull we'd noticed under heavy braking.

The result being that Sam and I have been dailying the Porsche 924 since getting it back from a timing belt + water pump replacement earlier this week. A dying battery left us briefly stranded at Morrisons in Hartlepool, but we carry one of those little booster packs to limp us over to Halfords for a new battery. I'm cautiously optimistic about its reliability.

As a daily driver, it's surprisingly practical: comfortable, warm, and with plenty of space for e.g. tile adhesive in the boot. The rear seats are not accommodating to a dog, however, so we're looking forward to getting the Fabia back. (Although I am also scoping out available Volvo 240s; the old beast I owned briefly in Florida never had any trouble getting started, and could haul like a pickup.)

Porsche 924


January updates

Some quick updates on life in the darkest days of the year: fixing stuff around the house, watching crummy television.


Fixing the sink

I uninstalled the sink, refinished the socket that the sink fits into, cut new legs for the sink to stand on, and put the sink back in place. It looks much better now.