Fixing the sink

There's not a lot to say here: when we redid the kitchen a few years ago, the sink was installed in a sort of suboptimal configuration, so I got out the circular saw and the electric planer and moved the sink around and then caulked it all up and it's much better now. This felt like a minor victory for the usually plumbing-averse me, and I felt that I needed to mark it somehow, so:

I also disassembled the waste and cleaned it all up, and intend to do so again every year from now on. Yuck.

Oh and I finally finished tiling the backsplash! The kitchen is, some two years late, finally finished.



Dailying the Porsche

Operating a 40 year old sports car as a daily driver.


Spark plug replacement

Pulling some gross old spark plugs, probably the originals, out of Sam's Porsche 924, and fitting some shiny new ones.