Ghyll's favourite album

My dog's favourite album is Octava by Phi-Psonics.

So I don't know why this is. We didn't play it for him when he was young; he hasn't even heard it that many times. It's an unassuming album of quietish jazz. It gives off good vibes, but it doesn't assert itself, or break any musical boundaries or anything. It's nice to listen to in the evening, as we wind down.

Maybe I should explain what I mean by he likes it. When we put it on, he immediately lies down and goes to sleep. It's like his comfort sound. He doesn't do this with any other album; generally speaking he seems ambivalent towards jazz. But he's lights-out by Octava's second track. I suppose I can't even really assert that it's his favourite album—maybe it's just the first couple of songs.

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Uncanny Valley


Blood donation

I gave blood for the first time today. It was very easy. I'm a big boy.