Uncanny Valley

by Anna Wiener

Published 2020 288 pages

I think this is what people call a "damning indictment" of Silicon Valley circa 2015. This was just before I joined the tech industry, and even as a fledgling techbro I could tell that the excesses of twentysomethings with six-figure salaries were a little bit tawdry (but aspirational!).

I think the only thing I bristle at a little bit here is the unaddressed assertion that, while techbros are zombies, her boyfriend was one of the good ones—never mind that he works for an adtech company: he doesn't like talking about his job!—and while founders and entrepreneurs are vampires, her friend Patrick Collison, the founder of Stripe, was somehow different—he didn't seem to fit into his friend group! Everyone in Silicon Valley thinks that they're different or exceptional or more fully realised than everyone else.


Run a 5k in 21:40

I ran 5 kilometers in 21 minutes and 40 seconds this evening. That's the fastest I've ever done it—but maybe not the fastest I ever will!


Ghyll's favourite album

My dog likes falling asleep to Octava by Phi-Psonics, and I don't know why.