Greatham to Thornaby

It's nice to run a half marathon, and it's nice for once to do a bit of running on pavement, but this wasn't a nice run. Most of it followed suburban A-roads through the sprawl of Billingham and Stockton, including a long stretch flanking the A19 itself. The section that followed the Teesdale Way past Tees Barrage was nice, but quickly deteriorated into a boggy trench that my shoes were unprepared for. Near the Bowsfield Nature Reserve the swollen River Tees encroached onto the path and I was diverted up into a new housing estate with a non-Euclidean road layout and I had to call Sam to come pick me up. Completed the half-marathon by running up and down a single street, much to the perplexity of a woman unloading groceries from her Nissan Qashqai.

Didn't even bother taking pictures. My phone was too wet to use anyway.





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