Just got started with Zach Leatherman's Speedlify for my lightweight automated performance testing but couldn't find a good way of re-running the Speedlify tests at regular intervals, short of setting up a post-build JS hook that would call a Netlify webhook—which felt a little overbuilt.

Fortunately, Zach's thought of everything—and has a great Quick Tip on triggering a Netlify build at regular intervals using If This Then That. I've always thought of IFTTT as a neat service, but couldn't find something practical that I'd want to use it for—I don't have any automated stuff at home; I don't have multiple social accounts that I want to cross-post new blog entries to (although maybe I should).

But: I do have a website that I want to redeploy, and a Netlify webhook ready to go. Turns out that IFTTT fits right in the middle.

Trigger A Netlify Build Every Day With IFTTT, 11ty

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GraphQL & HTTP responses

GraphQL introduces a new layer on the client → database stack that makes HTTP status codes sorta irrelevant, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.



Speedlify is a self-hostable application from Zach Leatherman for keeping track of your website's Lighthouse scores over time.