Looking back

Feeling weepy-eyed and nostalgic tonight because I watched a short video that my brother William put together out of home movies from some time in 1993. My grandparents on my dad's side are still alive, and my parents are young and bouncy, and I'm still small enough to be picked up & carried. I've not done a particularly good job of keeping artefacts from before I was 16 or 17, so this feels particularly precious. Then again I've always been susceptible to nostalgia.

Been slowly moving the posts from Everything You Have Heard over to this blog, as well. It's been a fun trip back to my first year in Hokkaido, even if I was a little gung-ho with the approach to writing.

It makes me wonder: ten or twenty years hence, what will I want to remember from today? Certainly not my petty attitudes towards edge functions, nor wonder at golfed JavaScript, nor any of the other things I post on here to keep my blog tech-related. I'll want home movies, pictures of my day-to-day, exasperation with Ghyll or excitement about riding the motorbike.

I oughta be a bit better about recording this kinda stuff.

Home Movies, Deadharrie

Idle thoughts


September 2022

The weather's finally turned, so I've got to choose my days out strategically or spend the next 5 months soaked through.


Old solutions, new tricks

Netlify's Edge Functions, like similar solutions from other platforms, are very cool but feel like a solution from 10 years ago.