Charles Harries

Hi! My name's

I'm a software developer working on the web in the North East of England.

I write software at NHS Digital. Previously I worked at Komodo Digital in Newcastle and Creator in Castle Eden. After hours I write a bit of Go, watch more movies than I ought to, and read less than I should.

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Week 39

I drove Penelope the AZ-Wagon around the whole perimeter of Hokkaido to see what else was out there.


Week 36

Tooling around Maruseppu in Penelope the AZ-Wagon.

Week 35

Much ado about melting snow; the gang comes across a pair of abandoned cars.

Week 34

The first days of spring are coming to Hokkaido.


Week 31

Coming back from Pippu, I am struck by the first blue sky I've seen in what feels like months.


Week 29

Skiing at Kurodake and my first visit to the Sounkyo Ice Festival.

Week 28

A trip on the icebreaking ship Aurora to see the sea ice on the Sea of Okhotsk.

Week 27

Back to Yamabiko-no-taki in wintertime to see the frozen waterfall.

Week 26

In Iwamizawa, I experience my first (and thus far only) earthquake, and we drive home through thick snow.


Week 25

A bit about Hokkaido in the dark on a quiet evening.

Week 24

Going out skiing at Piyashiri, trying to leave anxiety behind me.

Week 23

A brief layover in Osaka on the way back from the States leads to some real soul-searching on trains.



Week 19

Much ado about a bunch of snow. I guess I'm not used to quite this much snow.

Week 18

The night of the rented Higashikawa cabin, and the emotional aftermath.

Week 17

The days are approaching their shortest; winter is well & truly here & boy is it dark.


Week 16

The winter is starting to settle in. I celebrate American Thanksgiving with friends in Monbetsu.

Week 15

In which the author rambles a little bit.

Week 14

A belated Halloween party, home from which we took the low roads over the mountain passes.

Week 13

More urbex at the Kampo-no-yado Sounkyo, a semi-destroyed hotel by the side of the road just outside of Kamikawa.


Week 12

Konomai, the first time I explored some abandoned infrastructure that marks so much of the face of Hokkaido.

Week 11

The first abortive trip up Shari-dake, accompanied by a quartet of Kiwis, ending in a mad rush down the mountainside after hours of beating through the wilderness.

Week 10

Yamabiko-no-taki, my first encounter with a higuma, a drive on a forest road, and karaoke with the Monbetsu folks.

Week 9

A trip to Nitori, a night in Asahikawa, and a trip to Tenninkyo

Week 8

Hauling Renyu on a mikoshi through Kamiyubetsu.


Week 7

The Sapporo Welcome Party: the Bier Garten, Susukino, A-Life.

Week 6

On the relationship between Japaneseness and my foreignness, and remotely about a house party.

Week 5

A dairy farm, climbing Meakan-dake, the Eastern Welcome Party.

Week 4

The Northern Welcome Party in Kembuchi.


Week 3

Arriving in Japan, Tokyo Orientation, the train up to Yubetsu, and my first days at work.