Back from France and settling in for the rest of the summer. I was expecting long days with the windows open; what I got was scattered thunderstorms and 9 degrees Celsius. Grab your sweaters.

Since the Fellsman, running has been sporadic. I tweaked my knee during the event, and while I'm not hobbling or anything, I've been dealing with a variety of knee sorenesses since then that have kept me from putting in the miles. At the same time, I think I'm still stuck in the mental frame of running for hours at a time. So I've been going short runs that don't satisfy during the week, and then log runs that mess up my hips and knees at the weekend. I just need to get back into a regular schedule, even out the training load, and make another appointment with my one yoga YouTube video.

Beyond that, it's been pretty quiet around here. We're trying to make a push on finishing the projects that we've got started around the house: the tiles that we started in January (!), a doorframe that's rotting away a bit, the wardrobe upstairs. Trying to get properly back into reading after the slog that was Dhalgren. The long days are a boon, but the crummy weather has put a damper on our attitudes.

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Some photos from France

In the grand tradition of sharing photos from your recent trip to France, here are some photos from our recent trip to France.