Personal website design archetypes

Some quick thoughts on broad categories of personal website design.

In my line of work (making applications on the web) and in adjacent lines of work (designing applications for the web, managing folks who design for the web, making money on the web), everyone's got a personal website. Most of these personal websites are just for personal branding, but some of them (like this one) also feature blogs, where the owner of the website can write down their thoughts about, usually, the Industry.

Most personal websites of this ilk can be categorised into one of a few design archetypes:

I think there's also a sort of non-category of folks who get design but who aren't designers, whose websites generally look alright and work well and evince a personal branch but which aren't that much to write home about. (This website's a good example of that.)

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View transitions with video

The latest iteration of the View Transitions API will actually let you transition video while it's playing.



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