PWAs are great! They allow applications to be deployed across a whole range of devices with extremely little overhead. But it feels like most mobile web-based applications—like Notion, for example—eventually go the way of native mobile applications—like Notion, for example.

Every now and again, though, an application really gets the web experience right: proper support for touch events, smooth animations, no tap-vs-click jank. is one of those apps. Okay, it's not particularly sophisticated: it's an app where you jump from pillar to pillar based on how long you hold down your finger. But it feels good; it feels immediate in the way that native apps feel more immediate. When you're done, it presents you with a carousel of benefits of Galeries Lafayette's Go for Good initiative, and the carousel feels native. It feels exactly the way that it would in a native app.

Talking about how things "feel" probably isn't helpful, but the difference between PWAs and native apps is hard to quantify. But you know it when you feel it., Galeries Lafayette

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