Rabbit Run

Participated in perhaps the least difficult Hardmoors race this weekend: the Rabbit Run, a 5k-ish loop around the Clitherbeck above the North York Moors Centre in Danby. I did this with Sam a few years ago and had a really good time, so I figured I'd do it again.

I'm coming to discover that there's not a ton of excitement in entering a 5k race—you barely get warmed up before you're closing on the finishing line. Especially when it comes to trail running: half the fun is getting comfortable being uncomfortable, right on the limit out on your own. Hardmoors offers a 10k version of the race, but it's just two laps of the same circuit, which didn't appeal to me.

Anyway I reckon I'm ready to take on the Hardmoors 200 now, I'll let you know how that goes.



Druridge Bay XC

Getting demolished on a beautiful day on the Northumberland coast.


Porsche 924

We bought a classic car. It's not one of the nice ones, but it's ours.