Rebuilding Ise Shrine

Here's a video (in Japanese) about rebuilding the Ise Grand Shrine (in Japan). The shrine is rebuilt every 20 years as part of a longstanding ritual to preserve the cleanliness of the building for Amaterasu, the Shinto sun deity that purportedly lives there. The building process itself—chopping down Japanese cypress, cutting and forming the wood, crafting the adornments, and assembling the whole thing—takes 8 years. The current buildings were opened in 2013; the next ones will be finished in 2033, which will be the 63rd time that they've done this.

via Scope of Work

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Popeyes - FFSR

The first dispatch from Sam's mission to review every fast food restaurant chain in the United States.


A new computer

For the sixth time in my life, I have a new computer. That's not a very good track record.