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Fast Food, Slow Reviews - Sam's ongoing mission to review all of the USA's fast food establishments, one at a time, over the course of years of trips to the States.

Classic chicken sandwich

The reviews I read said this was the best item on the menu. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but nothing exciting. The best things about it were the soft bread and the breading on the chicken. I ordered extra pickles and that added a bit of interest to an otherwise bland burger. 

Cajun fries

I tried Charles’s chips and they were tasty and had a nice texture. My only vexation is with the naming of the chips. Cajun is too generous. They had a tickle of seasoning on them. 


The nugs appeared to be the same composition as the chicken sandwich just smaller. They were more satisfying than the sandwich I’d say. Purer. Plus you get interesting sauces to choose from. 


Soft and buttery and warm and well seasoned. Nothing much to say on that one. Only negative is I would have loved a dipping/smothering gravy option. 

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