Sustainable web development

At the most recent State of the Browser (a conference I attended and about which I've been meaning to write since I got on the train back north), Henri Helvetica delivered a talk called In Commission to No Emission, about the impact that the Internet—and specifically ballooning resource sizes—has on the environment.

His message was that by adopting progressive web standards—like new efficient image formats, progressive enhancement with minimal JavaScript, and static generation—we can minimise the impact that our websites have on the environment. I think that his advice to cut images from your website was maybe a little bit zealous, but it was funny to watch folks in the room proceed to take pictures of him onstage and post them to Twitter en masse.

A couple of other projects worth mentioning in the same breath:

Web hosting powered by sustainable sources is also pretty generally available at this point, although the search engine ranking page has been optimised within an inch of its life.

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Server-sent events

Server-sent events make client-side interactivity based on server-side events trivial to implement: no more websocket servers.


CSS nesting

CSS nesting has been a long time coming, but when it finally arrives, we're not actually going to need it anymore.