Translate in Safari

I've had reason to use the translate button in Safari a few times lately. You might not have even noticed that it's there: a pair of speech balloons, one with an A and the other with a . Click on it and it translates the webpage that you're currently on. It reads the languages you've got configured in your settings to determine when to display.

It works... weirdly well, for something that Apple doesn't promote much. I've been impressed by their Translate app on the iPhone as well, though I haven't had the opportunity to try and converse with a speaker of a different language through it yet. I can't spot an easy way to translate a page in vanilla Chrome (though I'm sure the right button's out there)—but at any rate, translation's something that I would expect from Google.

I'm not generally a fan of Apple's services, but this one's a pleasant surprise.



RSS feed updates

I've added full posts to my RSS feed—something I've been meaning to fix for a little while. And thanks to CraftCMS, I've been able to.


The Lakes in winter

The Lakes in winter are beautiful on a clear day, even if they are still very busy and the days are over like :snaps-fingers: that.