UK trail ultramarathon packing list

Doing long runs in the UK presents certain challenges not found elsewhere: what the country lacks in pure majesty and sheer elevation it more than makes up for in unpredictable and often dangerous weather.

This is my kit list for doing a long run out in the middle of nowhere. It's mostly informed by the mandatory kit for The Fellsman, which seems to have significantly more stringent requirements than most other fell races in the UK, where a coat with taped seams and a foil blanket are all you need to go romping across the moor.

Other items you might find on kit lists for more exotic ultras: your passport, if you're crossing international borders; sunscreen, for obvious, non-British reasons; sun hat, ditto. There's obviously an entirely different class of ultra where you're expected to sleep during the race, and this will require a whole other set of sleeping-related gear: bivvies, toothbrushes, etc. I've not done one of these and I don't intend to (for the moment).

I try not to keep it too complicated: the whole point here is to move as quickly as I can over as far a distance as I can, and massive packing lists sort of defeat the purpose. The kit list above will get you from 50k to 100k without any trouble, assuming your legs can take it. Beyond that, you're on your own.

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Lessons learned running 50 km

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