View transitions with video

Few web APIs continue to inspire and amaze me like the nascent View Transitions API. You might have heard it called Shared Element Transitions—it's undergone a bit of a rebrand. I wrote about it a little bit back in May, but it's come a long way since then.

Specifically, it feels like the messaging around View Transitions is pivoting a bit from "animate page transitions" to "animate any transitions". No demo has illustrated this quite as well as Jake Archibald's recent picture-in-picture demo.

In it, a video playing at full-width is transitioned to a picture-in-picture frame in the bottom right-hand corner—but it continues to play throughout the transition! The current API just takes a screenshot and then crossfades to the transitioned element, but this one doesn't.

Transitioning an element that is itself moving feels like a solution to the three-body problem or something. Just fantastic.

(Note you'll need to have the View Transitions flag enabled in chrome://flags for the demo to work.)

View Transitions video demo, Jake Archibald

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