Charles Harries

Hi! My name's

I'm a software developer working on the web in the North East of England.

I write software at NHS Digital. Previously I worked at Komodo Digital in Newcastle and Creator in Castle Eden. After hours I write a bit of Go, watch more movies than I ought to, and read less than I should.

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Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walk

A nearly 40-kilometer walk across some of the best country in the Yorkshire Dales. If you've got the nerve and the knees for it, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better walk within like 50 miles.


Southern Coniston Fells

The tour around Goat's Water in the southern Coniston Fells, climbing over Dow Crags and Brim Fell, and with a detour to explore Cove Quarry.



A relatively short walk overall, stretched out by an easy scramble at either end of the huge boat-hull of Yewbarrow.