by Jon Fosse

Published 2014 147 pages

A trio of novellas following a man and woman called Asle and Alida as they try to find a corner of the world to live in. The book is rich in allusions but doesn't club you over the head with it; though I've never been to Norway, the writing feels typically Scandinavian to me: spare, naturalistic, levelheaded, a little bit poetic.

Fosse's formal approach leans heavily on long run-on sentences and minimal dialogue, giving a sort of rambling vocal style to the text. It didn't resonate with me at first but I got into it after a little while. I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy reading more than a couple hundred pages of it, however: page after page of run-on sentence obliterated any sense of pacing for me. Not a problem here, but if I were sitting down to, say, seven full-length novels of this I might give up.


Spark plug replacement

Pulling some gross old spark plugs, probably the originals, out of Sam's Porsche 924, and fitting some shiny new ones.


Captain Cook's fell race

Participating in the time-honoured tradition of hurtling oneself down a hillside in the name of an 18th-century explorer.