Captain Cook's fell race

Starting the year off right with a 5-ish mile fell race from Great Ayton up to Captain Cook's monument & back. Much busier than I expected, with a great turnout of Striders to provide motivation and cheer. A bright sun lingering near the horizon (it never gets very high in the sky, this time of year) made for just about perfect running conditions. A heaping helping of mud churned up by weeks of relentless rainfall added some spice to the proceedings.

The climb up to the monument was brutal but fair: you have to get up there somehow. The descent was downright thrilling. Never have I thrown myself with such abandon down clartcovered hillsides. I put my trust in my shoes, in the trampled bracken, in the folks around me, and found it well-placed. I made it down that hill in record (well, for me) time.






2023 has been, maybe, my busiest year yet. Stacked to the gills with travel, new experiences, time spent outdoors, time spent in quiet pubs, time spent with Sam & Ghyll out in the wide world.