Run a 5k in 21:40

I've been running "seriously" (whatever that means) since around the time I read Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running at the end of last year. Maybe a little bit later. I'd been running irregularly since the lockdowns of 2020, and had even done a bit of running back in Japan as well, completing a marathon in 2015, but I tend to think of that, somehow, as less serious than I am now.

Nowadays, I'm running a bunch of times a week, I've joined a running club, and most seriously of all, I'm giving all of my Strava activities unique names.

Tonight, I ran a 5k in 21:40. That's pretty quick, for me! Maybe sometime in the future I'll look back fondly, because I'll be running regular sub-20-minute 5ks, but for right now, I'm pretty proud of myself!

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