Almost no CSS

Robin Rendle changes the styles on his blog with relative regularity, and recently he changed them in a big way: throwing out all of his CSS and relying on semantic HTML and user-agent styles, his website has become a brutalist monument to extreme hypertext minimalism. This aesthetic isn't new, but it's always fun in a sort of Richard-Stallman-esque way: the web as it was born to be.

It reminds me of a series of similarly brutalist websites, adequately named,, and, that tried to show just how far you could get with barely anything at all. If your online space is static, like a blog or a simple ecommerce shop, you could probably still get away with barely anything at all. God knows why I've got all the bells & whistles going on round here.

The Smallest CSS, Robin Rendle

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The Plot Against America


GPT-3 greentexts

Just when I thought that we were out of the GPT-3 game, the game pulls me right back in again.