GPT-3 greentexts

Just when I thought that we were out of the GPT-3 game, the game pulls me right back in again.

>be me
>bottomless pit supervisor
>in charge of making sure the bottomless pit is, in fact, bottomless
>occasionally have to go down there and check if the bottomless pit is still bottomless
>one day i go down there and the bottomless pit is no longer bottomless
>the bottom of the bottomless pit is now just a regular pit
>ask my boss what to do
>he says "just make it bottomless again"
>i say "how"
>he says "i don't know, you're the supervisor"
>quit my job
>become a regular pit supervisor
>first day on the job, go to the new hole
>its bottomless

generating greentexts with gpt3, @funnycats22

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