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A couple of perspectives on why the Go community eschews monolithic web frameworks.

Go Time, from Changelog

Interesting discussion on the latest Go Time podcast about why Go doesn't have a monolithic web framework option à la Laravel/Rails/Django. Although there is a full-featured Go web framework, the Go community doesn't seem to need it that much, content to build with mux or, at a stretch, gin.

From Kris Brandow:

I’m very annoyed that we continually look at things as the “how fast can you get going from the beginning” and not “how do you actually build something you can maintain over the long run.”

And in response, Jerrod Santo:

Sometimes you do want to just build fast to test your business idea and not your software system... that’s why I think Rails was so popular in startup-land, because it was like, “We don’t even know if this business is going to be here in six months—so why do I have to have to build an architected system that’s going to last a decade, if my business isn’t going to last six months?”

Answering questions for the Go-curious, Go Time

Go Web


90s web

Max Bock on the Return of the 90s Web points out a great trend in web development, but I can't help but think that there's a bit more to it.


OTR messaging

A lot more goes into off-the-record messaging than I thought. Suddenly I can appreciate all those end-to-end encrypted messaging services a lot more.