Killing usbd

On the rare occasions that I plug my iPhone into my computer (a 2015 MacBook Pro), the phone will usually connect and disconnect rapidly, buzzing every couple of seconds as the phone is discovered and undiscovered, not charging. Most SEO-optimised posts online ask you to reset your System Management Controller or completely format your phone, which is not practicable. Instead, I've found that restarting the usbd service fixes the issue. You can do it on the command line but I've found it easier just to open Activity Monitor, search for "usbd", and kill it from there.

Apple Tech Troubleshooting


Tyler Angert's Stream

I like that the idea of a low-stakes blog is growing in the form of Streams, where people short-form content. Tyler Angert's created maybe the coolest implementation I've seen yet.


Every Noise at Once

A massive catalogue of every genre on Spotify, along with examples. Way more than you think.