Tyler Angert's Stream

Damn what a cool idea from Tyler Angert’s blog. I’ve got a Stream of my own (you’re on it!)—nowhere near as stylish as Tyler’s, but it does the job.

I love the idea of low-effort blogging. For a long time I had this notion wedged in my head that blog posts were meant to be either:

Not looking for an online journal, I used to only publish stuff to my website when I felt like I had something worthwhile to say, but my perspective gradually came round, encouraged by folks like Jason Kottke and Rachel Kroll and their consistent, low-stakes output.

Stream 1, Tyler Angert

Web Design


Form input inconsistencies

The <input> element and the <select> element submit different values to the backend, depending on how you use 'em.


Killing usbd

On the rare occasions that I plug my iPhone into my computer, it connects and disconnects rapidly and doesn't charge. This is how you fix it.