Lynx browser

The Lynx browser is a text-only browser that runs in the command line.

This is a whole new concept for me. I haven't had a ton of experience with browsing the web on the command line, short of curling for JSON and running scrapers. But this is a lot of fun—it feels like a step back to the web as it was first envisioned.

I'm not a JS luddite—I don't think that you should run your browser without any JS at all (although I do think that you should be able to). I appreciate that JS has enabled the web to support full-featured applications that previously would need a desktop client. But for the document web, where you read more than you do, I really like this text-only perspective of the web.



Grasmere Greenburn Valley Loop

A walk around the Greenburn Valley above Grasmere.



Indicator multiload causes Ubuntu 18.04 to become unusable.