Trying to keep on top of this.

Fellsman recovery is going well. My knee isn't quite as sore as it was last week. I attribute it almost totally to this video from David and Jelena Yoga, which seems to be just about the right balance of stretching vs. not spending an entire evening on it.

I went back to my running club for the first time in like months, yesterday. I chatted briefly with a friend who attempted the Bob Graham Round a few weeks ago, but who was forced to abandon the attempt due to bad weather. She told me that she's not thinking about doing it again: that it's such a massive commitment and it's not just physically but emotionally draining, and that she's just looking forward to getting back to running for the enjoyment of it. A lot of what she said makes sense to me.

We've been out to a couple of shows hosted by Zoe—the first a longer, more traditional gig; the second ostensibly a pub quiz as a pretext as for looser, more improvisational comedy. The gig I enjoyed, but the quiz was a much better platform for the kind of comedy that Zoe excels at: intimate, engaging, tangential. We brought Sam's dad and his partner to the quiz and we had a hoot.

What else? We had a couple days of unbroken sunshine during which I opened up the app for measuring the output of our solar panels and ogled the kilowatt-hours basically ad nauseam. I get a kick out of this stuff. Ghyll spent a couple hours over at his friend's house while we were at one of the gigs and apparently he was totally manageable, which is impressive! He's certainly coming on by leaps and bounds. And if you know Ghyll you know that he can leap and bound with the best of em.

now Running Ghyll


Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head

Climbing Wainwrights again for the first time in a couple years—and not even getting stuck in queues or nothing!


Ghyll update

Ghyll is slowly changing from a little dinosaur that eats anything within 24 inches of his mouth into a companion that we take with us nearly everywhere.