CSS-Tricks End of Year Thoughts 2021

CSS-Tricks has released its End of Year Thoughts for 2021, and if I had to pick a single thread from the variety of quotes they've featured, it's the importance of putting user needs first and foremost in our decision-making.

Since I started making websites back in 2017 or so, it feels like a massive number of brain clock cycles have been spent trying to improve developer experience, to tremendous effect. 2021 might have been the year when the tide starts to turn back towards the user again, by building lightweight, robust, readable, accessible websites with standards-based technologies.

Maybe best summed up by this quote from Anna Migas:

If I were to point out one thing that people can do is to make their website better, it is to take a moment to think about the most crucial actions that we want our users to be able to do on a page and make them as easy and accessible as possible.

Maybe this is just Chris Coyier's editorial bias, but I like to hope that this is a trend we'll see more of across the entire ecosystem in 2022.



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