No JS Wordle

I built a clone of Wordle, like everyone else, but here's the twist: mine doesn't use any JavaScript at all.

A screenshot of the No JS Wordle app.

Everyone else is building a clone of Wordle these days (well, maybe they were a few weeks ago): so why shouldn't I. I didn't want to just build a standard clone, since I think I could probably put that together pretty easily; part of the charm of Wordle is its simplicity. Instead, I wanted to see if I could leverage Go to create a server fast enough that interactions with the page would feel like they occurred instantly, on the client.

And I think it came out alright! It's not lightning fast, but Heroku is doing a good-enough job of returning the response within ~60ms or so. The keyboard buttons are all submit <button> elements and they submit the whole form every time you press one; the current guess is stored in a session cookie and in a query param. Your game session lasts 2 hours; after that it'll automatically generate a new word for you. You can reset whenever you want. It'll even give you a string of green, yellow, and white box emojis to paste to Twitter if you like.

Try it out at and browse the code on GitHub here.

Web Code


Going back to after an almost 10-year hiatus and I'm pleased to find it exactly as I left it.


RSS feed updates

I've added full posts to my RSS feed—something I've been meaning to fix for a little while. And thanks to CraftCMS, I've been able to.