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No JS Wordle

I built a clone of Wordle, like everyone else, but here's the twist: mine doesn't use any JavaScript at all.

A screenshot of the No JS Wordle app.

Everyone else is building a clone of Wordle these days (well, maybe they were a few weeks ago): so why shouldn't I. I didn't want to just build a standard clone, since I think I could probably put that together pretty easily; part of the charm of Wordle is its simplicity. Instead, I wanted to see if I could leverage Go to create a server fast enough that interactions with the page would feel like they occurred instantly, on the client.

And I think it came out alright! It's not lightning fast, but Heroku is doing a good-enough job of returning the response within ~60ms or so. The keyboard buttons are all submit <button> elements and they submit the whole form every time you press one; the current guess is stored in a session cookie and in a query param. Your game session lasts 2 hours; after that it'll automatically generate a new word for you. You can reset whenever you want. It'll even give you a string of green, yellow, and white box emojis to paste to Twitter if you like.

Try it out at and browse the code on GitHub here.

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